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Exhibition at La Tallera | LANZA Atelier

Exhibition at La Tallera

Exhibition at La Tallera

The exhibition Mapas en Construcción at La Tallera, Siqueiros Project, sought to show the contemporary collections of contemporary art in INBA’s museums, and to question the formation process of these collections. In this way, unveil the narrative of the conformation of contemporary art in Mexico from the governmental institutional character.

Taking this theme as a starting point, we proposed an exhibition design that could transmit the character of an unfinished and under construction map, through the use of walls that were finished on one side and unfinished on the other, and bare materials. Secondly, we wanted the central architectural elements, glass squares of 2.10 meters high, to literally reveal the exhibited works through its transparence.

The atmosphere of the exhibition thus refers to the idea of ​​an ongoing collection, at the same time as the concept of giving visibility to what usually remains hidden, as happens with the works of art that are stacked in the cellars.

Curatorship: Adriana Melchor (coordinator), Where and when: La Tallera, Proyecto Siqueiros, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2017.
Christian Gómez, Violeta Horcasitas and Mariana Mañón.
Photos: Camila Cossio.