Almudena Lobera Exhibition

Almudena Lobera Exhibition

Perspectograph, post-preterite, chiaroscuro.

CLAIRVOYANT can be read in capital letters on a small newspaper clipping just five centimeters in size. A clairvoyant is a person who elucidates what is hidden or simply what they see. But they can see things in a way that is considered out of the ordinary. The subheading of the clipping adds: Since childhood.
Almudena Lobera is in fact a clairvoyant, and yes, she has been a clairvoyant since she was a child. Many spectators could confirm this assertion, as well as the critics who have drawn particular attention to the visual or visionary qualities of her work. […]

She produces devices which search, analyze or observe. Therefore, when facing the challenge of designing the architecture of this retrospective, we wanted each room of the exhibition to act at the same time as a vast optical instrument.

The first room, devoted to the relation between light and shade, receives the visitor with an acute angle that offers two possible ways to enter the darkness of the space delimited in the middle of the room.

The second one is dedicated to perspective and proposes an intensified spatial experience, a trompe l’oeil which highlights the radical nature of the artist’s works.
Two walls that converge and in turn change in height to play with the laws that govern our way of seeing the world.

Curator: Isabel Abascal
Exhibition design: LANZA Atelier (Isabel Abascal and Alessandro Arienzo)
Where and when: ECCO, Cadiz, Spain, 2015