MARCO Museum: In the garden

MARCO Museum: In the garden

This exhibition design connects two complex and heterogeneous spaces. On the one hand, the Garden, represented by a curatorial selection of works from the Coppel Collection. On the other hand, the Marco Museum with its strong postmodern Legorretian presence. In this context, how can one navigate four museum rooms as if they were a garden? How to subvert the most common itinerary to offer a different spatial experience?

We established an axis of symmetry throughout the four spaces, and duplicated certain walls to obtain symmetrical thresholds and create new rooms for video installations and sculpture. This axis materializes in a line 80 meters long and 3 meters high. It is a structure made of oak wood that expands the exhibition surfaces with a rational logic, and that has supports that subtly refer to the idea of ​​a tree. Being very visually permeable, this line allows us to observe what is on the other side, but does not allow us to cross. This generates a feeling of curiosity and desire, while creating overlaps that enrich the presence of each artwork. The exhibition displays its beauty and at the same time it confronts us with a physical border. Thus, two conceptual dimensions of the garden archetype are brought into dialogue: the hedonistic and the political.



Production: CIAC A.C. and MARCO

Curatorship: Magnolia de la Garza

Design team at LANZA: Raya Shaban, Isabel Abascal and Alessandro Arienzo.

Photography: Michelle Lartigue