A family of 4: Denver Art Museum

A family of 4: Denver Art Museum

Inspired by the birth of our second son, we designed a collection of 4 chairs of different heights in which backrests and legs grow — symmetrically from the seat— in both directions. Deviating from the traditional family representation, in which the father is the tallest and the offspring are the shortest, we propose a series of seats for anyone to use at different moments: the ground-level chair for sitting while playing with a baby on the floor, the medium-height chair for a boy to draw or a grown-up to relax, the conventional-height chair to stand on and grab something from a top shelf, the tallest chair for a baby to sit at the table with everyone else, and all the in-betweens.

Design team: Lorenzo Graham, Alessandro Arienzo and Isabel Abascal.

Produced by AGO Projects

Exhibited at “Have a seat” at the Denver Art Museum and curated by Jorge Rivas.

Photography: Fotografía: Manolo Márquez